Saturday, May 21, 2011

Technical difficulties

Nope, that's not the name of my story, just the story of my life. I guess it started the other day when we had eleven power surges in one hour. before I could get everything shut down on my computer Mother Nature decided to cast her evil spell on me. Beside nearly destroying my email program she also managed to corrupt several of my documents, including today's story.

But never fear. I am rebuilding it as fast as I can and it will be up before midnight tonight.

So all you loyal, wonderful followers, I beg your forgiveness and want you to knowI'm typing as fast as my fat fingers will fly.

Stay tuned.

But meanwhile enjoy the video of Johnny Rodriguez who originally recorded "We Believe In Happy Endings".

1 comment:

Piper Maitland said...

These storms are wicked! Lightning hit our house--by some miracle the laptop was spared, but everything else sizzled. Here's a wish for calm weather your way. We writers need it!