Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Contest Time - Enter To Win!!!!!!


Hey all,

Welcome to Truly Madly Deeply Romance Authors.  Our first FREE READ goes LIVE in just one week!!!!!  This fantastic short story will be the inaugural installment of weekly tales by some of the most creative and imaginative authors published today.  Our first author, CJ England, has penned a sexy romantic story about acceptance, perseverance and a love so great it can literally take you up into the heavens, no matter what the odds.  Truly, Madly Deeply is inspired by the Savage Garden song of the same name, touted as one of the most romantic songs of the last decade.

Starlight, Starbright, First Star I See Tonight.

Wishing upon a star can make all your dreams come true. And when Ilona finds herself in a terrifying situation, she wishes that the man of her dreams would come and save her. Imagine her shock when Sirius, the brightest star in the sky answers that wish. And what happens next makes her most delicious fantasies come true.

And to celebrate this first amazing story, we have an equally wonderful trio of contests just for those who come and visit and read this blog.  The first two go live TODAY!!!  So what are you waiting for?  The details are below.

Contest #1   

We want our readers to get to know the authors of Truly Madly Deeply Romance, so the first contest will help you do that.   A WEBSITE SCAVENGER HUNT.  On each of their websites, our authors have hidden this icon. 

To enter this contest, send an email to our wonderfully efficient contest mistress, CJ, at Put the words, TMDRA Scavenger Hunt Answers in the Subject line.  In the body of the email, state the following.

1.  The page name and link where you found each of the icons. 
2.  One thing you liked about each of the author's website.
3.  Your full name and email address

There will be twenty-four answers each for 1 and 2. (one for each participating author) For example:

CJ England
I found CJ England's icon at
I loved the way she has excerpts for all her books.  (write something different and specific for each author)

...and so on.

The winner of this awesome contest will receive a bundle of e-books, one from each participating author.  That's at least 24 books total.  That's right, 24 + BOOKS.  A great prize for some lucky reader!!!!

This contest will go from February 5th, 2011 to February 19th (midnight), 2011.  After which all entries will be put in a silly romantic hat and one GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be drawn.  The winner will be announced here on the blog and notified by email.  Entries must be done exactly as stated above or will not be counted.  No late entries allowed.

Below are the participating authors and their websites.  Good luck and Have Fun!!!!

Angela Kay Austin
Belinda McBride
CJ England
Denysé Bridger
Desiree Holt
Elizabeth Silver
Erin Nicholas
Faith V. Smith
Jill James
Julia Knight
Kelley Heckart
Layla Hunter
Liddy Midnight
Linda Mooney
Missy Jane
Myla Jackson
R. Ann Siracusa
Raelynn Blue
Shona Husk
Suzanne Rock
Tonya Callihan
Viki Lyn
Virna DePaul
Z. A. Maxfield

Contest #2

Being a follower is not only fun and easy, it can win you some great prizes, too!!!  Sign up to follow us in two different ways to enter.  You MUST do both of these or your entry will not be counted.

1.  On the right sidebar, you'll find the Google Friend Connect application.  Click on the button and become a follower of the blog.  That's it. Easy and quick to do.

2.  On the right sidebar just below the slideshow, sign up to get email notices for each FREE READ when it goes live.  That way you don't miss out on a thing!!!! Make sure once you fill in your information, you confirm the email subscription or you won't be entered.

3.  Send an email to CJ with your full name, snail mail address as well as the names and addresses you followed us under so we can confirm all information.


(If you have already signed up for both these things, you are automatically entered in the contest.  Just do #3 to finish up.)

And as an added bonus, (not mandatory, but we'll love you forever if you do :->) Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get to know us all a little better!!!!!  Those are in the right sidebar as well.

This contest will go through February 26th, 2011.  Once the contest is over, the entries will be checked and the lucky readers' names will be drawn.  The winners will be announced here on the blog and by email.

Because you signed up twice, there are two chances to win.  First Place Winner will receive a large gift basket of special prizes, gifts and goodies.  Each author will send the winner their gift personally, so you 'll get an autograph to boot!

A second, smaller goodie basket will be given to the Runner Up.  If for any reason the First Place Winner does not collect their winnings within the time limit given in the announcement, the Runner Up will win first place instead, and another winner will be chosen for 2nd prize. Entries must be done exactly as stated above or will not be counted.  No late entries allowed.

Contest #3

We want to know what you think!  An ongoing comment contest will give us the chance to get to know you and give you a chance to keep on winning.  It's easy and fun to do and each month one lucky reader can win different unique and fun prizes by the authors sharing their reads during the month.  At least four different prizes in all!!!!! Different prizes from monthly authors who want you to know how much we appreciate you stopping by.

To enter, simply comment on the FREE READ  story in the comment box at the end of the FREE READ.  No one liners or, I like this story type of answers.  We really want to know what you think, so in each comment, make sure you include the following.

1.  Author's name
2.  Hero and Heroines names (or names if applicable)
3.  One thing you specifially enjoyed about the story

That's all there is to it.  The more you comment, the more chances you have to win!!!!  At the end of the month, our contest mistress, CJ, will draw a name from all the comments given during that month.  The winner will be announced here on the blog and by email. Gifts will be sent separately to you by each author.  Entries must be done exactly as stated above or will not be counted.  No late entries allowed.

This contest will begin when the first FREE READ goes live on February 12th.  It will last through the month of February.  Then in March, we start all over again!!!

As you can see we have lots of fun coming up, so make sure you're a part of it.  And tell your friends!!!!  The more the merrier!  If you have any questions about the contests, please email CJ at

Good luck and thanks for playing!!!!!

CJ England
on behalf of TMDRA


Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale said...

Oh wow!! Contest 1 would be amazing but I dont have an ereader so I am very excited about contest number 2!! That one definitely sounds like fun!

I follow GFC handle Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale

I subscribed to the emails

I also follow on FB FB name Kristen Ceci!!

This is so great!!

Miriam Newman said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you all the best on the opening of your new blog.

CJ England said...

Hey Kristen,

You don't need a book reader. All these books are pdf so you can read them right on your computer!!!!

24+ books just for your reading pleasure.

And thanks for stopping by and doing the other contest. We look forward to getting to know you.

CJ England said...

Thank you, Miriam.

I hope you like what we have in store for you!

Layla Hunter said...

I'm so excited to be a part of this adventure! Getting to know everyone will be as much fun as reading all the amazing stories coming our way!

@Kristen and Miriam ... very nice to meet you!

Carol L. said...

What amazing contests. And an amazing way to meet Authors and read their work. I'm a GFC follower under Lucky47. Looking forward to the hunt :)
Carol L

Romance With a Twist said...

I'm as excited to read these stories as to write them! It's an amazing fun group of authors :) And such a joy to be part of this. Viki Lyn

Darkreader said...

Contest 1 - still working on! 2 to go!
I am now a follower-Darkreader
I subscribed to the emails.

This sounds like a great place to find great reads.

Elizabeth Silver said...

Hi @Darkreader!

We've got such a variety in store for you, and so many talented authors, you're sure to find some fantastic treasures here. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

Harlie Reader said...

That dog is adorable. Thanks for the contests. Can't wait to read the free reads.

Elizabeth Silver said...

We hope you enjoy our free reads, @Carol and @Harlie! Thanks so much for joining us here! :)

Erin Nicholas said...

Welcome everyone! I can't believe we're only a few days away from the first story!

I'm excited to see what these other amazing authors do with their song title stories! :)

Sarah said...

I'm so excited about this new blog!! I can't wait to read the first story :-) And thanks for all the great contests - sounds like a lot of fun!

smaccall @

susan said...

I am following on Google under susan Leech and my email is I think this is great and looking forward to having fun with everyone else. I wasn't going to consider the #1 contest but think you talked me into it as I wasn't sure I would be able to get them all on the computer IN THE CHANCE I would get lucky. I do not want to miss any of the fun so will go for all three contests. See how easy I change my mind. ha ha I go by susan Leech or susan L on all the sites and if I can get on facebook will join you there also. Have a great day. susan Leech

Celtic Chick said...

Greetings to everyone!

I am looking forward to chatting with readers and getting to know the other authors that I don't know yet.

I can't wait for the launch on Feb 12.

Jill James said...

So thrilled to be a part of this great adventure. I can't wait to read all the other free reads!

CJ England said...

Look at all these people! I love it. So many excited readers and authors. I can't wait to get started.

CJ England said...

It's so awesome we're up to over 1000 hits and over 80 followers! WooHoo!!!

Come on, everyone! Bring your friends!!!!

Layla Hunter said...

Wanted to peek in and WOW! I'm so excited to see all these comments! The more the merrier I always say and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!

CJ England said...

I know. It's awesome and the entries are pouring in.

This is going to be great!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks GREAT! Congrats on the new venture! I'll visit back!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Layla Hunter said...

Tomorrow is the big day! Can't wait for the first FREE read! *grins*

Elizabeth Silver said...

I AM SO EXCITED! Seriously. I'm dancing all over the place.


Belinda said...

Just a few hours to go!

Clare London said...

Congratulations on your launch, the blog looks great :).

Mannouchka said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you all the best on the opening of your new blog.And I am looking forward to chatting with readers and getting to know the other authors that I don't know yet

SiNn said...

you all rock really ur awesome i follow under as SiNn

face book I do beleive i am im sur e lol Beverly Gordon

subscribe to the email as

Phylis said...

Hoping I get all this right! Read CJ's story and it was wonderful! Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the authors bring! Following with Google ( also through CJ's yahoo group and I thought through this group, it logged me in but I didn't get an email notice.

Pommawolf said...

Thank you for the contest...*S*

I just love the stories, and I love finding new authors to discover.
Thank you ladies....*S*
Your great!

lorimeehan said...

CJ Englands- store Truly Madly Deeply

Ilona and Sirius

Was a lovely store of inner beauty verses a scared outer shell. How you should always look onto a persons soul to see there real beauty.

lorimeehan said...

CJ Egland- Truly Madly Deeply

Ilona and Sirius

The story was really very lovely. A perfect example of inner beauty versus a scarred outer shell. We should always look at someones soul not there outward cover. To truely see beauty.

Kaualoku said...

Loving these Saturday Free Reads they are wonderful!!

DragonLady said...

Fantastic new blog - looks to become an instant favorite!